On arrival in Potenza or Matera students may register, on a voluntary basis, to the National Health Service and have a General Practioner, by paying an annual lump sum fee.  For those who apply for or hold a residence permit for study purposes (compulsory for mobility longer than  90 days), the registration is subject to the lump sum fee of Eur 149,77 per year. Registration is based on a calendar year - from 1 January to 31 December - and it is not possible to pay reduced quotas for shorter periods. Please don't forget that to apply for the residence permit, non-EU students are required to provide evidence of Health insurance coverage.

To register you have to go to Regional Health District (ASL) bringing with you:

  • A copy of the residence permit or the receipt of the application form for obtaining the residence permit released by the qualified Post Offices (Post receipt);
  • An Italian fiscal code;
  • Receipt of the payment of EUR 149,77.

Being enrolled in the National Health system you have the same services as Italian citizens: you will be allocated for free a general practitioner  (family doctor) and your costs for medical examinations, treatments and analyses will be cheaper and hospitalization and surgery are free. Always check the end date of your coverage.

Warning: the only payment does not imply the activation of the coverage! You must complete the registration at an ASL office and choose a General Practitioner (family doctor).