Recognition of prior non-formal and informal learning

The University of Basilicata recognizes the achievements of learning outcomes acquired by people in non-formal and informal learning contexts through CFU credits, as long as they are similar to the ones in formal education and satisfy the university’s qualification requirements.

In this case, by recognising non-formal and informal learning, universities highly contribute to offer possibilities for achieving HE qualifications to those who have acquired various types of learning activities in different contexts such as professional, informatics and language skills, job training and other knowledge and competence achieved.

Assessment of the learning outcomes, in terms of credits (max. 60 credits for a 1st cycle degree programme- Laurea and Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico - and 40 credits for 2nd cycle degree programme - Laurea Magistrale), takes place according to pre-established evaluation criteria clearly defined in the regulation of each course of study.

The Course of study Committee can reduce the ordinary length of the study course depending on the number of recognized credits.

The evaluation of a previous career, for the purposes of prospective enrolment in one of the courses offered by the University, may be requested by 31 August. 

"Regolamento studenti" - art.12

"Regolamento Didattico di Ateneo" University didactic regulations (in accordance with ministerial decree 270/04).