Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor's level degree)

It provides the undergraduate student with appropriate knowledge of general scientific methods and principles, even when the programme is oriented toward the acquisition of specific professional skills.

As a general rule, to be admitted to a 1st cycle programmes you must have an Italian school leaving qualification awarded after completion of 13 years of schooling and passing the relevant State examination or a comparable foreign qualification. Admission to some degree courses may be based on specific course requirements. Studies last 3 years and to obtain the qualification (1st cycle degree- LAUREA) it is necessary to accumulate 180 ECTS credits (60 for the year) and satisfy all curricular requirements, including the defence of a thesis.  

The Laurea gives access to the Laurea Magistrale as well as to other 2nd cycle degree programmes and to regulated and non-regulated professions.

Academic title awarded: Dottore.