Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) - KA107

The Erasmus+ Action KA107 of the Erasmus+ programme promotes mobility between European and non-European countries (so-called Partner Countries). In fact, through International Credit Mobility (ICM), European Higher Education Institutions can apply to their National Agencies to receive funds to send and receive students, PhD students, teaching staff and administrative staff. The objective of this action is to attract students and lecturers to European universities and at the same time expand the range of destinations by pursuing a greater openness towards the rest of the world. Participation in ICM makes it possible: 

  • students to obtain training credits abroad recognised in their home country, giving added value to their Curriculum Vitae in terms of employability and acquisition of transversal skills; 
  • teaching staff to acquire new skills useful for their professional development, improve their language skills and learn new teaching methods; 
  • administrative staff to learn best practices functional to their professional development and to enhance their linguistic knowledge. 

The eligible activities are: 

  • International student mobility for study from 3 to 12 months 
  • International student mobility for traineeships from 2 to 12 months 
  • International mobility of teachers and staff from 5 days to 2 months. A minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week is foreseen for teachers. 

As part of the action, the University of Basilicata has obtained the approval of the Project submitted in the framework of CALL 2020 receiving funds for the following countries and institutions: 

China - Fuzhou University. The project foresees the mobility of 4 teachers for teaching activities (incoming and outgoing), 1 outgoing mobility reserved to staff for training and 8 student mobility for study (incoming- students enrolled in Master and PhD courses - and outgoing - PhD students);

Russian Federation - Kazanskiy Gosudarstvenniy Architekturno- Stroitelniy Universititet. The project foresees the mobility of 8 teachers for teaching activities (incoming and outgoing), 4 mobility (incoming and outgoing) reserved to staff for training and 8 mobility for students for study purposes (incoming and outgoing enrolled in Master/ Master's degree and PhD courses). 

The proposal submitted for the following country and institution was considered eligible, but without funding:

Ukraine - Mariupolskyi Derzhavnyi Universytet. The project foresees 2 teachers for teaching activities (incoming and outgoing), 6 total flows for staff for training (incoming and outgoing) and 8 mobile students for study, of which 3 outgoing and 5 incoming students enrolled in undergraduate/bachelor and master/master degree courses.

The beneficiaries, the modalities of participation, the number of places, the requirements, the eligible disciplinary areas and the duration of the periods abroad will be specified in specific calls for applications.