Potenza is the regional capital of Basilicata and at an altitude of 819m. Founded in Roman times, most of the town with its ancient building and sites was destroyed by several earthquakes (the last one was in 1980). It stands along the Apennine ridge on the left of the river Basento and is enclosed by charming and uncontaminated mountains of Rifreddo, Sellata and of the Dolomiti lucane.
The historic centre of Potenza is located in the upper part of the city and is accessible via escalators, the longest in Europe. There are several sights to visit in the centre of the city, including the “Palazzo del Governo”, the recently restored ‘Stabile’ theatre, the Medieval Church of the Trinità, the Palazzo Loffredo which hosts the National Archaeological Museum, the church of San Francesco of Assisi, founded in 1274, the Romanesque church of San Michele Arcangelo, dating back to the 11thcentury, the Cathedral of Potenza in which the Saint Gerardo’s remains, the patron of Potenza, are kept.