Enrolment in single course units

For students wishing to enter in a single course unit for a maximum of 36 credits you must be holder of a school living qualification which permits the entrance to University. The enrolment to the course of study is not compulsory.

Before starting the required procedure, contact the competent our Student Affairs Office for all information to single course units laid down by the Department/School.


Winter semester/Semester 1 and full year: 3/10/2016;

Spring semester/Semester 2: 28/02/2017

For further details, please look into the Manifesto of Studies

For further information please contact the Student Affairs Office at the following e-mail addresses:

segreteriastudenti@unibas.it (for courses of scientific area)

segreteriastudenti_enaoli@unibas.it (for courses of humanities and business administration).


EU-equated Citizens, Non-EU citizens legally living in Italy (with a residence permit for Italy) or Italian Citizens with non-Italian educational qualifications

Students with non-EU citizenship resident abroad