Medical facilities - Health insurance

Medical coverage is mandatory for all students/trainees in Italy but the procedures are different for EU citizens and non EU citizens. The Emergency Medical Service guarantees Health Care Assistance for emergencies occurring during the night time, holidays or pre-holidays which are not covered by the family or local physician. In urgent situations the physician can provide outpatient services, prescribe medicines, or illness certificates. There are different types of health insurance policies according to the student's citizenship (EU or non-EU students).
This service is free for every citizen under the European Health Care System and foreigners with a convection or in the possession of a valid document proving their right of Medical Health Care (European Health Card). For other cases it is expected a payment for the medical visit.
The University of Basilicata provides a general (and not medical) insurance coverage to its students, only in the case of hospitalization due to accidents occurred during academic activities. It also provides coverage for injuries suffered by the students, for which the University is responsible. The insurance also covers damages that students may cause to other people, things or animals at the University of Basilicata. For more info about UNIBAS insurances, please consult the insurance policy section. 

Please notice that this coverage could be not enough for your stay. For more information about the different kinds of health insurance, check the information provided according to your profile.


You must bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card replaced the well-known E111 and the E128 (the form previously used by students) and entitles the holder to any medical assistance that might become necessary during a temporary stay (but cannot be used for private sector health care providers).

For more details, please consult the European Commission website .

EU students who do not possess insurance cover in their country of residence (no EHIC) must take out a specific insurance policy. After that they may have recourse directly to a general doctor of the National Health System (or to an Emergency Department of a hospital). If such an insurance policy is lacking, the amounts due for the health treatment will be wholly charged to the student.

For detailed information, please consult the interactive guide available on the Health Ministry website.


You must obtain health insurance PRIOR to your entry Italy. This is essential as health-care in Italy can be expensive. In addition, a health insurance certificate is needed in order for the students to obtain their permit of stay and, in some cases, a study visa. To verify that they are acquiring the correct health insurance, non EU students should check their policy first with the Italian consulate in their home country.

In any case you will have to contact beforehand the nearest Italian Consulate in your home Country.

If you buy a health insurance in your home Country, you must make sure that the Italian Consulate validates it (which means putting a stamp on it) before departure. Without that stamp your insurance will not be considered legally valid when applying for the residence permit, and you will be obliged to buy an Italian insurance.

Upon arrival in Potenza or Matera you can enrol to the National Health System on voluntary basis at the cost of 149,77 €/calendar year, valid from January until December regardless the month you pay for it (if your period is less than 3 months the stay permit is not required but you need of the declaration of presence; for more than 90 days the residence permit is compulsory). After having paid for it you need to activate it going to the Health Board.

Being enrolled to the National Health system you have the same services as Italian citizens: you will be allocated for free a general practitioner (family doctor) and your costs for medical examinations, treatments and analyses will be cheaper and hospitalization and surgery are free.

If you have a private insurance bought in your home country no need to go to the local Health Board but please be aware of the differences between a coverage of a private insurance and the National Health System Insurance.