How open a bank account or a rechargeable debit card

Opening a bank account in Italy is not free and there are charges twice a year made for having the account. Procedures for EU students and Non-EU are similar.

Documents required are:

  • codice fiscale Italian tax code
  • Valid ID Card. For Non‐UE students the permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) is required or receipt ;
  • University Registration form and matriculation number.

However, at the post office, you can buy a rechargeable debit card (postepay) which you can then use to withdraw money or make purchases. This costs € 5,00 and there is a € 1,00 charge for every withdrawal. To sign up for this ‘postepay’ card, students should go to the post office, taking with them a valid passport or identity card and their Italian tax code (codice fiscale)