With support of the Regional Education Authority (Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario -A.R.D.S.U.) the University of Basilicata gives you the chance to stay at the following solutions in the Halls of Residences located in Potenza:

  • Residence of Macchia Romana, Via dell’Ateneo Lucano;
  • Residence San Michele - Via Mazzini no. 51 (tel. +39 0971 274879);
  • Via della Pineta no. 22 (tel. +39 0971 418244);
  • three apartments in Via della Pineta no.6.

For detailed information contact A.R.D.S.U.: Mr. Antonio Luongo, mobile: +39 3484496165; office: + 39 0971 418210; e-mail:

NOTE: No Halls of Residence are available in Matera and the Halls of residence are closed on August

The International Relations office, on your specific request , might assist you in finding a private accommodation.

How to book the accommodation

With regards to the Erasmus students, a specific section of the application online is dedicated to the accommodation. You have just to tick off the items.

The International Relations Office is in contact with the ARDSU for checking and booking the room.

For the other students: please get in touch with the International Relations Office, or, as quickly as possible to organize your lodging.

Suggestions (for Erasmus students)

Register as soon as possible following the specified procedures and contact the International Relations Office (also by e-mail at or to allow the relevant administrative formalities to be completed. It could be difficult to book and obtain accommodation if your application, as well as your on-line registration, is produced at the last minute.


For detailed information about costs, please contact the A.R.D.S.U.: Mr. Antonio Luongo, mobile: +39 3484496165; office: + 39 0971 418210; e-mail:

Private accommodation/lodgings
Private student apartments within Potenza or Matera are quite hard to find.  We are trying to organize other possibilities for giving more support BUT ONLY at the arrival in Potenza or Matera (even in finding accommodations), involving students’ union, too
You can find notice with adds of contacts providing private accommodations throughout the city in the University’s noticeboards located il all the university's campuses.