Governance: Figures - Academic Authorities

The Statute, issued by Rector's Decree no. 88 of April 12 th, 2012 and published in the G.U.R.I. no. 105 of May 7 th, 2012, divides the University bodies in "Governing Bodies", "Management, Assessment and Control Bodies", and "Other Bodies". The list below represents a brief description of their own functions.



The Rector represents the University and oversees all of its activities. He guides, takes initiatives and organizes the scientific, didactic and training activities to achieve the University institutional goals. The Rector appoints the Vice- Rector who stands him in for impediment or absence and carries out the roles delegated to him.

The Rector has the power to appoint one or more Vice-Rectors with responsibility within specifics subjects.

The University Senate

The Academic Senate is a self-elected body of the university government. It is representative of the university community. It proposes and formulates advices on teaching, research and services for students. It inspires development strategies acting as coordinator and connection among Departments and Schools.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is in charge of strategic planning as well as the annual and triennial financial and staff programming of the University. It also supervises the administration, property and financial sustainability of the activities.


Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors has auditing and monitoring functions and certify the regularity of the economic, financial, property and accounting management.

Evaluation Group

The Evaluation Group is responsible for the evaluation of administrative management, teaching and research activities, for supporting the right to education, as well as, through comparative analysis of the costs and efficiency, the proper use of public resources, the productivity of research and teaching, impartiality and efficiency of the administrative action.

General Director 

The Director General is responsible for the general management and organization of offices, services and facilities of the University. The Director coordinates the activities of managers, equivalent figures and of the administrative staff, in line with the instructions, the objectives and plans of governing bodies, ensuring the observance of the relevant directives.


Guarantee Committee for equal opportunities, enhancement of the welfare of workers against discrimination

The Guarantee Committee promotes, advises and and audits the equal opportunities for men/women at work against all forms of discrimination and mobbing.

Sport Committee

The Committee supervises the management of sports facilities and its activities' developing programme.

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman guarantees the transparency and impartiality of the activities that the University adopts in right to education matters and in protection of students. In fulfilling its mandate, the Guarantor of the students is independent of both hierarchically and functionally by the governing bodies of the University.

Student Council

The Student Council is the representative body of students and has advisory functions to the governing bodies of the University.

Technical and Administrative Staff Council

It is a representative collective body with proposal and advisory role of the Director General and of the Board of Governors for the administrative organization of the University and for each aspect concerning the technical and administrative staff, excepting trade union matters.