The Area

The University of Basilicata is located in the South of Italy, in Basilicata Region. Basilicata borders on Puglia to the north and east, Campania to the west and Calabria to the south having short south-western coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea and a longer one to the southeast on the Ionian Sea. Basilicata has two provinces: Potenza and Matera. The regional capital is the city of Potenza. It covers 9,992 km² and is one of the most sparsely populated regions of Italy (approximately 587.517 inhabitants).Basilicata offers the well preserved heritage of genuine hospitality, traditional values, natural resources, ancient customs and gastronomy.

Rich in untouched vegetation, the region is primarily mountainous and hilly, with flat lands along the Ionian coast. Villages stood on mountain tops (Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano), towns hewn out of volcanic tufa (the Sassi of Matera, a UNESCO world heritage site), Greek temples along the Ionian coast, Frederician castles, the city of Horace (Venosa), the pearl of the Tyrrhenian (Maratea), the Pollino National Park, the Gallipoli Cognato Regional Park, the Lucanian Dolomites and the Natural History and Archaeological Park of Murgia, are just some of the delights that the region offers. 







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