Scholarships and degree prize

Intesa San Paolo Foundation Onlus supports social, physical, mental and financial disadvantaged students, enrolled at the University of Basilicata, with financial aids of a maximum Euro 3.000,00.
Who can apply:
Students of maximum 35 years old, who did not award a 2nd cycle qualification and whose ISEE statement 2012 is lower than 20.000,00 Euro:

  • enrolled in a 1st and 2nd cycle degree programme ("Laurea" - equivalent to Bachelor and Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico -combining both Bachelor and Master), from the 2nd year of course to one year after the prescribed time,
  • enrolled in a 2nd cycle degree programme ("Laurea magistrale , equivalent to Master), from the 1st year of course to one year after the prescribed time.

Deadline to apply: 30th November 2013

Students coming from non-EU countries must provide a certificate, issued by the Embassy/Consulate and translated in Italian, attesting the number of their household group and its 2012 financial situation in EURO.
Students coming from EU countries must provide the ISEE (Indicatore della Situazione Economica Equivalente) legalized ad valid for the 2012, translated in Italian and including the sum in Euro.


Degree prizes financed by the Ente Parco del Pollino

Deadline: 27th June 2014

Application, the public announcement competion and other info are availble on the Student Affairs Office website