Exchange programme

An exchange programme is a programme in which students, teachers and staff choose to live and study in a foreign country for a limited period of time carrying out study, training, teaching and research activities, as well as improving languages.

The programmes are usually based on bilateral agreement or an inter-institutional or cooperation agreement between/among two or more partner institutions.
In particular students selected for a specific programme with our Institution, can enrich their academic careers and gain ECTS credits to transfer back to their home institution.

Find out more about the mobility programmes and opportunities to come to UNIBAS, useful information on living in Potenza and/or Matera and contacts that will help you settle down in your first weeks and enjoy your stay in Italy.

To learn more about the opportunities offered by UNIBAS and the application process, please click HERE.

Notice: we strongly recommend to get in touch with the International relation office, or equivalent, at your Institution.