Academic guidance

All the students are involved in orientation and tutoring activities starting from the second-last year of high school, through the University Students Orientation Centre - C.A.O.S. (Centro di Ateneo Orientamento Studenti), to support students in being aware of their own choice of the educational track, carrying on throughout the university career and facilitate their employability.

The activities are finalised at providing students with support, including enrolled students and foreign students in mobility. It is ensured individual tutoring to solve the general problems and drive away the doubts that students may run into during their course of study. With regards to teaching activities students are supported and advised in case of lacking basic knowledge in certain subjects, study methods, study plan, preparing exams, developing thesis as well as support training activities in order to give them a clearer idea of which degree programme/activities/training programme are suitable to their educational tracks and professional ambitions. Moreover guidelines in terms of logistics and organisation, information about the possibility of studying and working abroad in relation to their own specific degree course are provided for.

Individual tutors are professors or researchers of the School/department and are appointed to each student by the Tutoring Committee at the beginning of the academic year by the month of October. The list of tutors are usually published on School/Department websites. For further information, please contact the Segreteria Didattica of the School/Department.

A welcoming and orientation service is provided for foreign students in mobility at UNIBAS, upon their arrival in Potenza/Matera and during their stay through the International Relations Office (for administrative matters), School/Department Coordinators for International Relations as well as, in case of the Erasmus + programme, through Coordinators of inter- institutional agreements and mentors.