All necessary healthcare for European students is covered by the Italian National Health Service but the European Health Insurance Card, issued by the National Authorities in their home country, is required. The card entitled the holder to any medical assistance, except for those provided by the private sector health care providers, that might become necessary during the temporary stay. It is important to underline that the EHIC does not cover payments for private-sector health care providers, for which it is necessary to ask the S2 form to your belonging country. 

In case of transfer of the residence in Italy, students should ask their home country to issue the S1 form, which gives the possibility to receive the same medical treatment as the Italian residing citizens, through the mandatory inscription to the National Health Service. The registration to the National Health Service has to be done in the Health District you are to belong to.

EU students who do not possess insurance cover in their country of residence (no EHIC) must take out a specific insurance policy. After that, they may have recourse directly to a general doctor of the National Health System (or to an Emergency Department of a hospital). If such an insurance policy is lacking, the amounts due for the health treatment will be wholly charged to the student.
For detailed information, please consult the interactive guide available on the
Ministry of Health website.